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Greener than green!
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Green FAQs

Let's get the facts straight...

Q. Why are you so excited about recycling?
A. The EPA estimates that over three million tons of office furniture is discarded each year in the USA. We'd like to make a dent in that.

Q. How do you recycle used furniture?
A. Basically, one of three ways. If it is excellent condition, we can immediately sell it. If it is in good condition, it just needs to be refurbished before being sold. If it is in poor condition, we first break it down into recyclable components.
Q. I am a new furniture dealer. Can you help my customer get rid of his used office furniture?
A. Yes, in fact we do this quite often. We would be glad to work with you in relating to your customer. For example, we can either invoice you or your customer directly as you desire. We also, take requests directly  from business owners in regard to liquidating used office furniture as well.

Q. Obviously, you can help new start ups get furnished. Can you help established businesses?
A. Yes, we can help with relocation and reconfiguration of your office furniture. We can also help in more creative ways, such as 'upgrading' furniture pieces as performance incentives. Imagine the delight an employee experiences when his 'new' big leather office chair arrives. Only you need to know it's used.